Food Allergies

A startling 55% of the U.S. population test positive to one or more food allergens.

The most common allergens are milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.

Virginia Tech Dining Services has added an allergen filter to its online interactive nutrition page.

Here’s how to use it to effectively find foods that accommodate your specific food allergy:

  • Go to the Virginia Tech Dining Services homepage:
  • Click on the “Menus and Nutrition” option on the left-hand menu
  • Click the first option, “Daily Menus”
  • Choose the dining hall you want to find food information about
  • Once you click on your preferred dining hall, click on the “Y.E.S. You’re Eating Smarter” apple icon
  • On the right-hand menu, click the icon that says “Set Allergen Filters”
  • A separate window will pop up – here you can adjust the allergen filter to show foods that do or do not contain the certain food allergens you are concerned about.
  • You can choose more than one, or reset your options and start over again as well.
  • Once you have the options you want, click “Apply”
  • The menu list will then be modified showing your preferences.

For example, if the allergen filter is set to “Contains Soybeans” then “Apply,” the menu would be adjusted to show only those foods which have soybeans, foods to avoid would be listed. If  the filter is set to “Does Not Contain Soybeans,” all of the foods that are okay to eat would then be shown.

On the right-hand menu you can also modify the allergen filters you’ve selected or clear them, and start again with a new search.

This program was established to make it easier for students with food allergies to eat at Virginia Tech Dining Halls with ease.

If you have a food allergy that is not included in the allergen filter list on VT Dining Services webpage and have questions about what foods you can and cannot eat in the dining halls, you can contact Dining Services’ Administrative Dietitian, Jenny Lindsey, at to ask any questions or schedule an appointment.



Virginia Tech Dining Services




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