Live Stress Free this April


The month of April is a time to celebrate you with National Stress Awareness Month! As busy college students, our lives are full of everyday stressors; between school, work, friends, clubs, etc. During this month do your best to breath, laugh, get moving and most importantly say no. Too often, we want to say yes to everything someone asks us to do. However, taking on more than we can handle can have detrimental effects on our physical and mental health. A great way to relieve stress would be to take part in National Walking Day on April 5th. Walk to class instead of taking the bus or take a walk on the Huckleberry Trail after class. Walking is a great way to clear your head and forget about your everyday stressors. Finally, grab a comforting grilled cheese on April 12th and enjoy National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day with a friend. Grilled cheese can be ordered at Bruegger’s in Turner Place, Flips in Owens Hall, Au Bon Pain or at Edens in D2. Asking for whole wheat bread will increase your complex carbohydrate intake and substituting low-fat cheese will provide a great source of calcium without any excess fat.





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