Your MyPlate Guide to Virginia Tech Dining Centers

MyPlate is the newest nutrition guide published by the United States Department of Agriculture that emphasizes the importance of building a healthy plate. The MyPlate model recognizes that all food and drink choices matter and the right proportions of each can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. The plate is comprised of five sections including fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and dairy. It is modeled after a typical plate, therefore, when selecting foods from a dining center try filling your plate according to MyPlate standards. Further detail about each section of the plate is discussed below, as well as nutritious food sources available at each Virginia Tech dining center.

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While the exact amount of grains needed daily depends on numerous factors (i.e. age, sex, physical activity, etc.), MyPlate recommends filling your plate with approximately one-quarter grains. Grains can come from a variety of sources including rice, bread, popcorn, cereals, and much more. Of the grains you consume, at least half should be derived from whole sources. This can be done easily by adding more whole grains to your diet. Look at the places below where you can find whole grains at Virginia Tech!

  • Dietrick: Brown rice and whole wheat pita bread at Olives; whole grain bread at Gauchos and East Side Deli; oatmeal at breakfast; low-fat granola and raisin bran cereal available all day; whole grain pasta at Mangia
  • DXpress: Whole grain cereal bowls; whole grain wraps (look for Y.E.S. To Go Logo); whole grain bran muffins
  • Owen’s Food Court/Hokie Grill: Brown rice at The Carvery; whole wheat bread at Flips and The Garden; whole grain roll at The Garden; whole grain pasta at Lotsa Pasta; rotating menu options at Farm and Fields
  • Turner Place: whole wheat bagel at Bruegger’s Bagels; oatmeal at Jamba Juice; whole wheat tortilla at Qdoba
  • West End Market: whole wheat pasta as a rotating daily special at Bistro Firenze; whole wheat wrap at Wrap World; whole wheat bun at The Fighting Gobbler


MyPlate recommends filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables help protect against chronic diseases, while giving your body essential vitamins and minerals. Virginia Tech Dining Services offers fruits and vegetables at all of its dining centers and available options are listed below.

  • Dietrick: Salad bar and fresh fruit at Edens; vegetarian stir-fry at Pan Asia; steamed vegetables at Gauchos; vegetables, fresh fruit, and veggie burger at Olives; salsa and grilled veggies at Salsas
  • DXpress: 100% fruit juice and fruit cups; vegetable wraps; grab-n-go salads (look for Y.E.S. To Go Logo)
  • Owen’s Food Court/Hokie Grill: Salad bar and fresh fruit at The Garden; steamed vegetables at The Carvery; stir-fried vegetables at Bowl Dynasty; smoothies at Freshens; rotating menu options at Farm and Fields; fruit cups, grab and go salads at Hokie Grill; 100% fruit juice at The Oasis in both locations
  • Au Bon Pain: Mixed green salads, fruit cups, fresh fruit, vegetable soups, 100% fruit juice at ABP
  • West End Market: Garden vegetable soup, vegetable and fruit salads from Leaf and Ladle; veggie burger at The Fighting Gobbler; steamed vegetables at JP’s Chop House; Caesar salad, veggie pizza, marinara and other veggie sauces at Bistro Firenze; 100% juice, fresh fruit, and smoothies at Wired; grilled vegetable wrap at Wrap World; vegetable Panini and sandwich toppings at The Cutting Edge
  • Turner Place: Select your own salad at the Soup Garden, fresh fruit salad at Bruegger’s Bagels, add vegetable toppings to your Qdoba choice, vegetable topped pizza at Atomic Pizzeria, Y.E.S To Go sandwiches, salads, and fruit from Dolce e Caffe’s Grab and Go section.
  • Deet’s Place: Fruit cups, 100% juice, salads, and veggie bowl


Dairy is also important in forming your plate. In fact, MyPlate recommends that men and women of college age consume three cups of dairy each day. Dairy products containing calcium (i.e. milk, yogurt and cheese) are essential to building strong, healthy bones and reducing your risk for osteoporosis. When possible, try selecting low-fat or fat-free daily products to decrease excess fat consumption in your diet. Dairy products are readily available at all dining centers, and a detailed description is found below.

  • Dietrick and DXpress: Cottage cheese and yogurt at Edens; skim milk and yogurt at both D2 and Dxpress; yogurt parfaits at DXpress
  • Owens Food Court/Hokie Grill: Skim milk at The Oasis; cottage cheese and yogurt at The Garden; skim milk, yogurt cup, yogurt parfaits at Hokie Grill
  • West End Market: Skim milk at Wired; cottage cheese at Leaf and Ladle
  • Turner Place: Skim milk and yogurt parfaits at Dolce e Caffe’s Grab and Go section
  • Deet’s Place: Skim milk and yogurt/granola parfait


Protein comprises the last quarter of the MyPlate model. Sources of animal protein include meat, poultry and fish; whereas, vegetarian sources include beans, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Make a conscious effect to select low-fat or lean protein options, as some meats can be very high in fat. Lean protein options can be found at all dining centers and more specific options can be found below.

  • Dietrick: Omelets/eggs and rotisserie chicken at Gauchos; deli turkey and deli roast beef at East Side Deli; chicken fajita (veggies too!), refried beans at Salsas; hummus and other bean dishes at Olives
  • DXpress: Hummus (look for Y.E.S. To Go Logo); salads, wraps, and sandwiches with meat
  • Owen’s Food Court/Hokie Grill: Eggs and omelets at brunch and rotisserie chicken at The Carvery; turkey and roast beef deli meat at Frank’s Deli and Flips; chicken or beef stir-fry at Bowl Dynasty; chicken fajita burrito at La Cantina; rotating specials at Farm and Fields; chargrilled sandwich, wrap and salad from Chick-fil-A; roasted turkey from Blue Ridge Barbeque
  • West End Market: Grilled chicken (remove the skin), catch of the day, and London broil at JP’s Chop House; deli turkey and roast beef at The Cutting Edge; grilled chicken sandwich at The Fighting Gobbler; chili and adding an egg or chicken to a salad at Leaf and Ladle; beef/chicken fajita and grilled chicken at Wrap World; chicken Caesar salad at Bistro Firenze
  • Turner Place: Hummus from Bruegger’s Bagels; grilled chicken, tofu, or fish as a salad topping at Soup Garden; fish specials from The1872 Fire Grill
  • Deet’s Place: Grilled chicken salad, Mediterranean wrap, Turkey Bagel, Edamame bowl
  • Au Bon Pain: Nuts, deli turkey, grilled chicken, egg, and roast beef

Virginia Tech Dining Services offer hundreds of foods to help you fill your plate! Next time you are selecting a meal, visualize the MyPlate guidelines and do your best to follow them. Don’t forget that exercise is just as important as diet to maintain your health. In fact, just 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week can increase your cardiovascular health. Make a change today and adopt a healthier lifestyle!




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