Take Your Physical Activity to the Next Level!

It can be a struggle balancing school, work, friends, clubs, etc. As overwhelming as this is, you also want to exercise but you absolutely HATE running or going to the gym. It just bores you to death! According to the American Heart Association, college students should participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity five days a week. It is important to know that daily exercise is related to many positive side effects. Not only does it help you avoid gaining the dreaded ‘freshman 15,’ but it also improves mood, boosts energy and promotes better sleeping habits. Lucky for you, exercise doesn’t have to be boring and being a student at Virginia Tech makes it easy.

During almost any season, hikes along the Appalachian Trail are a great way to work up your heart rate while enjoying the beautiful scenery and changing seasons. You will forget you are even exercising! Through the Venture Out program, students can sign up for group excursions throughout the Southwest Virginia area. You can also grab a friend and go on your own hike. The Cascades, McAfee’s Knob and Dragon’s Tooth are some of Virginia Tech students’ most popular hiking destinations.

The Huckleberry trail is another beautiful outdoor trail located right at our fingertips. Connecting Christiansburg to Blacksburg, this trail is a great place to grab a friend and go for a bike ride. Bike riding is a great workout for your legs, glutes, and heart. If you don’t have a bike go for a walk-run with your friend on the trail. Piggybacking five minutes of walking with five minutes of jogging is a great way to boost your heart rate and keep you engaged.

McComas and War Memorial Hall are other great facilities that Virginia Tech offers. Contrary to popular belief, you can do more here than just weight lifting or running on the treadmill. Both facilities offer over 100 GroupX fitness classes per week so there is a time and activity for everyone. Such classes include: dance (Zumba, BodyJam), mind/body (pilates, yoga), strength training (BodyPump, Super Abs), and cardio training (cycle, BodyCombat). McComas also offers a 25 yard pool, making it easy to take your mind off of your daily stresses and let the water relax you. Swimming also works nearly every muscle group including those found in your arms, legs, abs, back and chest.

Intramural sports are offered every season of the semester. From volleyball, to water polo, to basketball; there is a sport for you. Recreational activity is a great way to have fun interacting with others while still getting daily physical activity. If you don’t want to be on a team, grab a friend and play tennis or hockey at the courts on Washington Street. Not only is it fun to get competitive with a friend, but 30 minutes of tennis is a great workout for your arms and shoulders.

In 2015, The Active Times named Virginia Tech the fittest college in America. It is so easy to make yourself be a contributor to this statistic without ever setting foot on a run! Physical activity should be fun and by grabbing a buddy or joining a team it is easy to forget you are even exercising. As your next week of tests rolls around be sure to make time for breaks. Exercise is a great stress relief and studies have shown that it can increase cognitive processing and take both your physical health and GPA to the next level.






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