Stressed About Finals?

The semester is finally coming to an end! You only have one hurdle in your way, final exams. Exam week is probably the most stressful period of the semester for many of you, but, did you know that proper nutrition can decrease your stress?It’s true! Here are some suggestions on how proper nutrition can help reduce your stress while you’re preparing for finals:

  • Eat breakfast! It will make you more energized and more able to withstand a long day. In addition, it will begin your day with a more positive attitude.
  • Make sure you have a balanced, healthy diet! Stress can weaken your immune system, increasing your possibility of getting sick, which will increase your stress level.Proper nutrition can help you fight viruses!
  • Carry a snack like trail mix, fruit, or a granola bar with you.It is important that your blood sugar doesn’t get low, as it will increase stress and make you irritable.
  • Do not skip meals. Your body needs regular meals, as it keeps you energized, focused, and less stressed.
  • Focus on eating foods that stimulate positive emotions.Certain foods cause a release of substances from your brain that give you feelings of pleasure, happiness, and enjoyment; these chemicals are endorphins and dopamine.Examples of these “happy” foods include chocolate (remember moderation), milk, bananas, leafy greens, and chicken.
  • Eat complex carbohydrates instead of other types of carbohydrates.A few good choices are whole grains and fruits.Complex carbohydrates help to calm and relax you, as they help a substance responsible for this, called serotonin, to be released from the brain.

By implementing these six tips into your diet, perhaps you will feel less stressed during finals! You have nothing to lose, so try them and see how you feel!

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