Greek Yogurt: Knowing all of the Facts

One food that has been highly popular in the past couple of years is Greek yogurt. Going down the dairy aisle at the store, there isn’t a single yogurt brand that hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon and doesn’t feature some type of Greek product. When you think of this dairy food, what are some of the first things that come to mind? Phrases like packed with protein, much healthier for you, and the better option are probably on the list. While a lot of this is in fact true, there are some rumors about this high-demand food that need to be cracked.

Myth #1: All Greek Yogurts are Full of Protein

  • Most do in fact have double the amount of protein in comparison to plain yogurt, but different brands contain different amounts of it.
  • This is where the importance of label reading while shopping comes into play to make sure you pick the higher-protein option if that is what you are looking for.

Myth #2: All Greek Yogurt is Healthy for You

  • The ideal pick when concerned about nutritional value and a healthy option would be plain Greek yogurt.
  • Some healthy ways to make it sweeter are adding honey, dried fruit or fresh fruit on top.
  • Flavored yogurt products tend to be high in sugar content.
  • Suggestion when going for the flavored Greek yogurts: the first three ingredients listed on the product should be milk, live active cultures, and fruit. Sugar should be towards the end of the list, indicating it doesn’t make up a large portion of the product.

Myth #3: Frozen Greek Yogurt and Regular Greek Yogurt are one in the same

  • These two kinds can have the same number of calories and fat per serving, but the frozen options have a lot more sugar and a lot less protein.
  • It is considered a dessert regardless of the few nutrition similarities.

Now you are packed with the knowledge to help you choose the healthiest option when it comes to Greek yogurt. It is always beneficial to be aware of the food you are eating in order to make the most accurate decisions regarding a healthy diet and lifestyle!


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