Grab-n-Go a Y.E.S. To Go!

Virginia Tech Dining Services is committed to satisfying the needs and desires of the Virginia Tech Community. Because we have heard your requests for additional healthy “grab-n-go” items in DXpress and Hokie Grill, we developed Y.E.S. To Go. Y.E.S, the You’re Eating Smarter program, is a nutrition education program concerned with giving students the nutritional guidance needed to make healthy eating decisions. The Y.E.S. To Go logo, shown below, is the logo you will see on foods that are smart choices for “grab-n-go” meals. A variety of items are offered, including sandwiches, wraps, salads, fruit cups, snack mixes, and muffins. DXpress, Hokie Grill, the VetMed Café, and Shultz will all have Y.E.S. To Go items.

This program is excellent for college students’ busy schedules, as meals on the run are often needed. In the past, “grab-n-go” meals have been labeled as unhealthy, high calorie, and not tasty; these meals definitely defy this stereotype! The nutritional guidelines for foods a part of the Y.E.S To Go program are strict. All sandwiches and wraps are 600 calories or less, all other remaining items are 300 calories or less, and all items contain less than 30% of the total calories from fat. In addition, all items contain no trans fat and have very small amounts of saturated fat, if any. The fats found in these items are the healthy, unsaturated fats. To make these foods even healthier, whole grains are emphasized; most items are excellent sources of fiber.

All foods marketed as Y.E.S. To Go are smart foods choices that can help you stay healthy. A standard meal for a healthy, active, college student is about 700 calories. The sandwiches and wraps leave you calories to enjoy a carton of milk or piece of fruit along with them! The remaining items that are less than 300 calories allow you to combine them with another Y.E.S To Go item to make a meal, or they are just a smart option as a snack. From the red pepper hummus pitas to the freshly made wraps, all of the new Y.E.S. To Go items are delicious. Be sure to stop by and try these new items today; their convenience, taste, and healthiness will get your taste buds wanting more!

YES To Go Logo


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