Being Smart about Holiday Eating

The winter holiday season is fast approaching. With that comes all those gingerbread houses, holiday cookies, and other decadents that no one seems to have the power to say no to. Americans on average gain about 1-2 pounds over the holidays. While this isn’t much in the short-term, these few pounds if not monitored can easily accumulate as the years progress. Here are some helpful tips to keep you from overindulging over break and help you stay on track with a healthy diet:

  • Don’t skip meals throughout the day to “save up” for a bigger meal later on – this is a sure way to end up overeating
  • Breakfast is still important! Fewer calories tend to be consumed if an individual eats this vital meal
  • Pay attention to foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole-grains that are high in fiber – these will keep you full but aren’t packed with calories
  • Opt for a smaller plate instead of a big one! This is such an easy and simple a way to decrease the chance of over-consuming
  • If you bring a dish to a family get together, make it a delicious yet low-calorie option!
  • Keep portions small
  • Fill at least half your plate with lower-calorie foods (those fruits and veggies!)
  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator at an event or holiday party
  • Play with the kids in your family or any pets you have. Stay active!
  • Get your family to take a walk after you eat a meal, even if it’s a short one

Don’t feel as if it is necessary to limit yourself to absolutely every unhealthy treat over the holiday season – everything is doable in moderation and can be incorporated into a healthy diet. These tips are ideas for you to indulge in a way that will still help you to stay on track with eating healthy and living a fit lifestyle!



Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


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